Monday, July 8, 2013

Lots of Cricut Cuts

I have spent most of today and a few hours yesterday cutting the images from 21 of my Close To My Heart stamp sets that have matching stamps. When I started this little project yesterday, I figured I was looking at 2 to 3 hours. Well, after 9 hours I still have 4 sets left to do, but my back needed a break!

 I know I am a visual person, so I  have a couple of pictures to show what I have been doing.

 The original sets that go with the Art Philosophy cartridge had no reference page numbers with the images, so I had to find the corresponding cuts in the handbook first, then find the button and creative feature they are on. Since I was doing all of this in the Cricut Craft Room, I was able to use the auto-fill feature and get lots of the same cuts at a time.
 After CTMH came out with the Artiste cartridge, they helped us out and put the page number next to the image. So all I had to do with these sets was put the button and feature next to them
I think I did 3 or 4 sets before I got smart and did a layer for each cut or 2 on a layer, depending on the size. Then I saved each project by cartridge name and stamp set name.

 Now I have 6 or more cuts for each stamp so when I get the urge to make a card all I have to do is pick the paper, colors, embellishments, etc, but the Cricut part is already done!!.

The new Close To My Heart Cricut cartridge, Artbooking, will be available to order August 1st.! 

This new cartridge has full size scrapbook layouts, titles, albums and a great font.It will come with 3 stamps sets and  3 pages of chipboard precuts .

If you would like the Craft Room files for any of the stamps that I have, please leave me a comment, or email me and I will try to figure out how to share them !

As always, thanks for stopping by

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