Friday, December 23, 2011

The Last of My Christmas Cards

Well, I had planned on sharing my Christmas cards one or two at a time over several days... you know, get that old blog count up... :) but I just flat out ran of time. I felt good about getting the cards finished on time and the pictures taken. The snag came when I tried to find minutes here and there to write the posts. Just didn't happen. So instead of them sitting on my computer for a whole year, I am sharing them ALL with you ... today :)

All of the above images are from Laurie Furnell. I bought them a few years ago from PCrafters. I printed several of each image so I could layer them.

This one is for my granddaughter. The card base and the image is from A Childs Year.

This is almost totally from Stampin Up. I pretty much copied the design exactly from Catherine Pooler

This last one is a print and go card I purchased from Aimee Asher

Now I want to share what my daughter was doing while I was locked in my craft room.

 I am so glad she likes to make the cookies !!

I want to wish all of you a VERY Merry Christmas!

And as always, Thanks for stopping by :)

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